About GenProof Study Groups

Since its publication in 2013, multiple study groups based on Mastering Genealogical Proof have launched. Some were one-off and some have persisted. We support an expansive universe of choices, so each person can find the program that best fits their needs!

Recognizing the importance of this book, ProGen Study Groups added GenProof Study Groups under its administrative umbrella in 2020, shepherded by Angela Packer McGhie and Jan Joyce. That fall MGP’s author, Tom Jones, trained an initial group of thirty mentors over the course of eight weeks. In Spring 2021, GenProof Study Groups burst onto the scene with 15 groups. We believe our mentor-led study group format ,and the talented pool of volunteers we can attract thanks our association with ProGen, allow us to provide a unique opportunity for genealogical education.

GenProof Study Group Leadership

Patricia Reed

Program Administrator
(2022 – Present)

Jenny Grinnell

Program Coordinator
(2023 – Present)

Jan Joyce, DBA, CG, CGL, AG

Beta Group Mentor
Board Member (2020 – Present)
Program Administrator (2020-2021)

Angela Packer McGhie, CG, FUGA

Program Founder
Board Member (2020 – Present)