GenProof Mentors

We are immensely grateful for and proud of our volunteer mentors. Each is a busy professional who dedicates their time and expertise in support of our goal. Here is a list of the talented genealogists who’ve mentored groups since 2021:

Jean Andrews
Gary Ball-Kilbourne
Shelley Bishop
Diane Boumenot
Jay Fonkert
Margaret Fortier
Sara Gredler
Shannon Green
Teri Grey
Lisa Gorrell
Rebecca Hockaday
Susan Hayes
Patti Hobbs
Robbie Johnson
Jan Joyce (beta group)
Kathleen Doherty Kaldis
Denise Picard Lindgren
Mary Penner
Kimberly Powell
Patricia Reed
Mary Kircher Roddy
Sara Scribner
Karen Stanbary
Jeanette Shiel
Kim Thurman
Pamela Vittorio